My Hotel Settings

Which settings do I have for my own hotel and where do I find them?

Where do I find the My Hotel Settings?

In the navigation bar on the left side of the screen you will find the settings at the bottom. By hovering on it with your mouse, you will open the submenu, where you can find the My Hotel Settings.

You can't see the settings? Then you still lack the authorization to do so. Ask your colleagues if they can give you admin access in the user settings or contact our support.

What can I change in the My Hotel settings?

In the My Hotel settings, you have the option to change display details, and define meal plans or member discounts for your channels.

On the far left you will find the name and address of your hotel. If you would like to change something here, please contact our support team.

Right next to it you will find the settings for the display details. This includes:

  • the currency
  • the character separation (this can be very important if you would like to export the data to Excel) 
  • the temperature unit
  • the allocation of the semi-flex rates (SFR)

Semi-flex rates are rates that we don't just want to refer to as either BAR or APR rates due to certain characteristics that could fit to both. You have the option to assign them to one of the other two rate types or to leave them as an independent rate type.

You are not familiar with SFR rates yet? Then have a look at the corresponding article.

To the right of the display details you will find additional settings that are important for the Smart View:

  • custom color - what color should your hotel have in the Smart View graph?
  • prices for meal plans- they are needed if you activate the advanced toggle in the Smart View filter
  • member discounts for your channels - here you will see the channels you have selected in the Channel Settings

You have the same settings for your competitors. Just go to the Competitor Settings and click on one of the hotels to add meal plan prices or member discounts.

Do you have questions or need help?

Contact our support team, we are always happy to help.