How to work with Semi-Flexible Rates?

Choose from two options in the Smart View Settings

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What are Semi-Flexible Rates (SFR)?

  • A hotel's special cancelation policy rate in the wake of COVID-19.
  • Also known as restricted BAR.
  • SFR allow cancellation with a refund until a specific time before a guest's arrival date. Afterward such time, SFR transform into non-refundable rates.
  • A type of SFR enables customers to reschedule a booking one time free of charge.

What is the Semi-Flexible Rates filter?

How to handle Semi-Flexible Rates in your account?

    1. Open the Smart View Settings.

      Menu opens SmartView Filter Settings
    2. Select one of the two filter options. More about each is below.

    Option 1: Allocation Toggle

    The Allocation Toggle is the default setting.

    A toggle by the rates checkbox becomes available (below).

    Selecting Semi-Flex Rates filter option in Smart View Settings

    Filter for Semi-Flex Rates is enabled in SmartView settings

    Note: Semi-Flex rates are associated with BAR rates when the toggle is activated. Deactivated means the rates are associated with APR rates.

    Option 2: Extra Rate

    The Extra Rate option adds Semi-Flex Rates (SFR) as a separate (or third) rate in the Smart View.

    Add Extra Rate to Semi-Flex filter option in Smart View

    Extra Rate Semi-Flex filter option description

    Note: When you select SFR in the checkbox (seen above), the Smart View graph will display only the SFR. If at the time no SFR is detected, then the days will show as N/A.


    Additional display options in the Smart View

    Single Click Smart View

    • The app will display the type of rate for the day so you can differentiate between them

    Differentiate Semi Flex Rates in the Smart View Single Click mode

    Smart View Table View

    • With the Extra Rate function active, the Smart View Table will display APR and SFR to differentiate between the rates (see below)

    Differentiate between Semi Flex Rates in the Smart View Table Display

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