Competitor Management

Set up and organize your Comp Sets

You can find and manage your Competitor Sets under Settings > Competitor Management.

Every account has one Master Competitor Set. This is the standard Competitor Set added to all new Smart Views. Depending on your Market Intelligence plan, you can set up multiple Comp Sets.

Table of Contents:

    Change the name of your Comp Set

    Click on the name to edit it. When you are happy with your changes, you can go anywhere else in the app. The changes are automatically saved.

    Manage your Comp Set

    Add competitors to your set

    It would be pretty lonely without competition. Click on + Add competitor to get things going.

    Hotels in your destination will be automatically suggested as you begin typing the hotel name.

    If you can't find a hotel you are looking for, click on the pop-up "No property found matching xxx" and our support team will be notified automatically. The desired competitor will be added by us and as soon as the process is completed, you will be notified.

    Remove competitors from your set

    If you want to delete a competitor from the set click the bin icon on the right side in the corresponding item. You'll be asked to confirm the action. Hit Delete competitor and the entry will be removed.

    You can always re-add a competing hotel when you need to.

    Sort your competitors

    Sorting will affect the order in the Smart View as well as in the Reports.

    Grab the handle (two grey stacked bars) on the left of the item and move to the position you desire. Again, this is automatically saved.

    Customize a competitor

    Clicking on the hotel name opens the details about OTA availability and the color.

    Each competitor is color-coded throughout the app. Change it here with a click and it will be referenced everywhere. Choose distinct colors to separate your competitors in the Smart View.

    You have the possibility to deposit breakfast to all-inclusive prices per competitor manually. To do this, click in the input field under the food description and enter the appropriate amount, then tick the box.

    In the Smart View, you can compare the detailed view of the rates with the meal plan as soon as you set the tick for Advanced. The amounts entered by you will be added.

    Also, you can see the status of the connected OTAs and

    • A green checkmark shows you that everything is working properly.

    • A red cross indicates a connection issue with that specific Channel.

    Managing multiple Comp Sets

    Premium Pro and Enterprise Max plans unlock multiple competitor sets in your account.

    Add a Comp Set to your account

    On the left side click on an unused Comp Set field named + New competitor set.

    In its place, the Comp Set is added with the default name New competitor set (0).

    Click on it again to select it. From here just follow the steps above to add competitors.

    Remove a Comp Set from your account

    To delete a Comp Set from your account click the icon right next to the name. The Comp Set is removed immediately and can't be restored.


    Do you have any questions or need help?

    Contact our support team, and we will be happy to help you.