The HQ revenue Modules

What modules are there in HQ revenue and what functions do they have?

The HQ revenue app is divided into several modules. For each of these modules, we have written additional articles that explain all the functions of the app in detail. 

Here you will find a quick summary to give you an overview of what modules we have and what their most important functions are. 

Where do I find the modules?


On the left side of the screen you will find our navigation bar. Here you can navigate between our modules.

If you click on the bar once, you will see the names of the individual modules next to the icons.

In the following we'll briefly explain briefly what you can expect to find behind those names (from top to bottom).




The dashboard is your entry point and at the same time an overview of all areas of the app. Here you will find market data and PMS key figures in personalizable widgets.

If you'd like to know more about the dashboard, check out our articles here.


The Smart View is the rate shopper and therefore the heart of our app. Here you get all rates on all channels for you and your competition at a single glance with real time live updates.

You will find a first introduction to our Smartview in this article.

Parity Check

As the name suggests, the Parity Check helps you keep track of the parity on all your channels - even on room category level.