Filter Settings

Customize your Master Filter and manage your Filter Sets

Under Settings > Filter settings you can edit your Filter Sets.

Your account comes with one Master Filter Set and two additional filter sets.

Master Filter Set

This filter set is applied to all newly created Smart Views by default and when you sign in.

Additional Filter Sets

The name gives it pretty much away: they are extra, on the house. You can configure up to two additional filter sets which you can use in the Smart View.

Add an additional set

On the left side under Master Filter Set, click on + New Filter Set.

A new set called New filter set is added. Click on it again to select it.

Remove a set

Click on the bin icon to delete the set.

Customize your Filter Sets

Filter sets come with a range of options to funnel the information you really need. All changes made here are saved automatically.

You can always select or deselect options on the fly while using the filter in the Smart View.

Rename the filter set

Click on the name and start editing. When you are happy with the changes just click anywhere in the app. It will be saved automatically.

Select Competitor Set

Choose between three possible competitor sets.

You haven't set up your competitor sets yet?

Here is how you do it.

Select room types

The room types listed here are the room types you've set up before.

You haven't set up your room types yet?

Here is how you do it.

Include or exclude room types when comparing rates in the Smart View.

Select Length of Stay

Choose between a dynamic LOS 1,2,3 or a specific LOS up to 21.

Include rates

You can include BAR and APR. Each room type (or category for that matter) has its own BAR and APR.

  • BAR – Best Available Rate (Lowest refundable price)

  • APR – Advanced Purchase Rate (Lowest non-refundable price)

Choose Room Occupancy

Choose between one to four persons.

Choose the meal plan

Choose here between Room only, Breakfast, Half Board, Full Board, and All-inclusive.

Setting - Advanced

In order to compare oneself with competitors who, e.g. only offer rates including breakfast, although you only sell rates excluding breakfast, the "advanced" button can be activated.

In the Competitor Settings, meal plan prices can be deposited per competitor, which is then added to the rates in the Smart View at the rates excluding breakfast.


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