Track Reservation Types and Segments

How to analyze your market segments

1. What you can do with the Segments feature

You can analyze your revenue and pick-up by each reservation segment.

Here's how:

Performance Board displays reservation segments for every day, month, year, and custom period.

This way, you can see how each segment contributes to your hotel's overall:

  • Room Nights (Definite & Tentative)

  • Average Daily Rate (ADR)

  • Revenue per Available Room (RevPAR)

  • Revenue

Here's an example

A list of segments that an airport hotel might be using are:

  • Best Available Rate (BAR)
  • Individual (IND)

  • Corporate (COR)

  • Tours (TOU)

Note: Segments in Performance Board share the same name scheme as that of your PMS.

Below, we see each segment today in comparison to the pick-up three days ago:

Tracking hotel market segments in Performance Board

Note: Performance Board shows historical On The Books up to 90 days in the past.

The numbers in green highlight a positive pick-up development.

2. Benefits of sharing Segments data

Access to these insights means you can dig deeper into your On The Books.

This means you can: 

3. Technical requirements to get started

There are several ways you can integrate your PMS data into Performance Board.

To ensure everything works as expected, we need to check the technical feasibility with your PMS:

  • How is your PMS connected to HQ revenue?

  • Can your PMS send automated reports to HQ revenue?

  • Does the automated report contain all the necessary data?

Once we have verified everything, you are good to go.

4. Share your reservation report

We just need an example anonymized reservation report from your PMS that shows the segments.

Where can you get this report?

You can request a reservation report from your PMS provider.

  • Safely send us your report by Email
  • We will integrate it so you can start analyzing your segment performance

Are there open questions about Segments we didn't cover above?

Get in touch with our Support team inside the app, who will be happy to help you.