What is HQ Alerting?

How does Alerting help and where can I find it?

What is HQ Alerting?

Alerting in HQ Revenue helps you find days with unusual booking or market behavior that you should take a closer look at. For this purpose, our Data Scientist team continuously checks the market and PMS data of your hotel. 

How does Alerting help me?

With our HQ Alerting, you no longer have to look at every single day and check all the key figures, but can rather sit back and relax.

Our algorithm shows you only the days that stand out, so you only have to check your pricing decision for those. 

Where do I find Alerts?

Alerts can be found in the top right corner of each module behind the bell icon Anomalie Glocke. We also highlight days with anomalies in the Smart View, Performance Board and Area Demand.


By clicking on a day with an alert, our Single Click pop up will show you which anomaly has been detected here, and by clicking on the alert it will give you even more details. 


Anomaly Alerting is one of our extra features. If it hasn't been activated for you yet, please feel free to contact your trusted sales person to get a free trial!


Do you have questions or need help?

Contact our support team, we are always happy to help.