My Hotel - Basic Settings

Set up and change the basic details of your hotel

To start, go to Settings > My Hotel.

My Hotel in the Settings menu

Display Settings of your Account


From the drop-down list, select in which currency your rates should be displayed.

Decimal separator

Here you can set the display of numbers throughout the app.

Choose between the following options:

  • . for thousand separator & , for decimal separator

  • , for thousand separator & . for decimal separator


Select between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Your choice will affect the presentation in both the Smart View & Dashboard.

Colors, meal prices and channel status

Choose from the drop-down list in which color your hotel should be displayed.

My Hotel meal prices and channel status


Also, get a quick overview of your OTA and channels that you have subscribed to.

  • A green checkmark means that everything is working properly

  • A red checkmark signifies a connection problem with a channel

Here you can also set the percentage of loyalty discounts (Member Rates). You can choose between Booking Genius, Expedia Member Pricing, and individual brands.

Should you experience any problems, please contact our Support Team.

Meal Prices

You have the possibility to manually enter breakfast to all-inclusive meal prices for your own hotel.

To do this, click in the input field under the food description and enter the appropriate amount, then tick the box.

In the Smart View, you can compare the detailed view of the rates with the meal plan as soon as you set the tick for Advanced. The amounts entered by you will be added.


Do you have any questions or need help?

Contact our support team, and we will be happy to help you.