Integrations Settings

Learn more about managing various endpoints

All HQ revenue customers have access to our Hotel Market Intelligence endpoints.

Flexible API

Our API allows you to programmatically integrate ample information into your software solutions like RMS, PMS or Channel Manager, including data on:

  • rates

  • events

  • demand

  • occupancy

  • reviews 

But that's not all.

With the HQ revenue interface you can

  • develop custom tools for your daily operations

  • convey data to other data feeds

Settings Page

You can manage various endpoints via the Integrations Settings page.

This is a great opportunity for your IT department to get access to vast quantities of market information in your destination.

HQ revenue Integrations settings

Download the API documentation at the top right as seen in the screenshot above.

To learn more, check out all the brands that HQ revenue integrates with or talk to us directly.


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