Hotel Info Widget

What does the Hotel Info Widget show?

The Hotel Info widget shows your own hotel directly on the dashboard and lets you personalize the homepage of your HQ revenue account. Besides the name and address, which will be filled in automatically, you can add the following info:

  • the link to your website
  • the hotel's phone number
  • links to your social media channels
  • the hotel's logo

An important part of the Hotel Info widget is the Review Score. Here you can see our cumulative HQ score, which consists of your reviews on many different channels. If you click on the score, you will also see your reviews on these individual channels.

How do I add and edit the Hotel Info Widget?



You can find the Hotel Info widget in the widget selection bar on the right side of the screen.

If the bar is not visible right away, you can expand it by clicking on the small pencil icon.

You can then drag and drop the widget into the dashboard, directly to the desired location.

As soon as you have dragged the widget into the dashboard, the widget settings will open. Here you can fill in all the information and upload a logo if you wish to.

And if you want to edit the information in the widget at a later point in time, just click on the small gear icon in the upper right corner of the widget to open the settings.










Do you have questions or need help?

Contact our support team, we are always happy to help.