How to read the Smart View Calendar?

Display the right information from the instant calendar overview

The Calendar View provides an easy-to-read, instant overview of any deviations.

It's a real treat, especially for General Managers and Revenue Managers, to see if and how much room rates are deviating from the initial strategy.

How do I access it? 

Access the calendar view by clicking on the calendar icon on top of the Smart View.

Accessing the calendar in Smart View

How does the Calendar View display data?

The same data displayed in the other views is depicted here with clear elements. 

The weather forecast is represented by an icon on the top right of each calendar box:

Weather forecast in calendar in Smart View

Click on the star in the top left corner of a calendar box to view events for that day:

Events in the Smart View Calendar


Click on the bar graph on the right side of the calendar box to view the occupancy and city demand:

Occupancy and demand in the Smart View Calendar


Every colored box highlights your rates and the percentage deviation to the median of your competitors’ rates day by day:

Rates and deviations in the Smart View Calendar


Colors are coded according to the threshold settings. The thresholds are adjustable with the slider on the top right of the page. Any changes will immediately affect the colored boxes:

Adjust thresholds in the Smart View Calendar


You can also add snapshot data by moving the slider on the top left of the page.

This will add colored borders to indicate the threshold jumps:

Add snapshot data to the Smart View Calendar


Do you have any questions or need help?

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