Applying Historical Data

Quick tips on working with the time slider

When you apply historical numbers you can analyze your OTB data in useful ways.

What are the benefits of historical On The Books?

Enable dynamic pickup tracking

  • How many rooms did you sell since yesterday, three days ago, or last week?

Track the evolution of your KPI's

  • By how much did your occupancy improve (or drop) since yesterday or last week?

  • What about your room rate, RevPAR, and revenue?

  • How do these compare today to select days in the past?

Moving the Time Slider

You can pull in historical numbers by moving the time slider.

Here's how:

Example 1

Open Performance Board anew or refresh the screen and the time slider will always default to:

Timeslider screenshot 1

Example 2

Slide all the way left if you want to focus on today only.

Timeslider screenshot 2

Example 3

Slide all the way right if you want to pull in up to the last 90 days.*

Timeslider screenshot 3

How to apply data strategically

Example 1

Focus on last week.

Check if your rates or room nights have changed?

Timeslider screenshot 4

Example 2

Or go back four weeks.

How do you fare in comparison to then?

Timeslider screenshot 5

As you move the slider, watch the screen as it aggregates all the changes instantly.


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