Which type of alerts are there?

What do each of the different alerts show?

HQ Alerting has 6 different types of alerts for you which show you exactly what you should be paying attention to in your further analysis. Here we want to briefly explain what each of them mean.

Demand Change

The Demand Change Alert shows you for which future days there have been unusual demand changes, either positively or negatively. On these days you should check your prices and adjust them if necessary. 

Pricing Follower

The Pricing Follower Alert shows you days when at least one of the competitors from your competitor set has mimicked your rate changes.

Rate Movers

The Rate Movers are alerting when your competitors are changing their rates for a specific day, but you haven't changed yours. Here it is good to check if you might have missed something and need to adjust your rates as well. 

LOS Changes

The LOS Changes Alert shows you days when at least one of your competitors has changed their minimum stay, but you haven't. 

Occupancy Gap

The Occupancy Gap Alert warns you of days when you are potentially at risk of developing an occupancy gap if you do not act. 

Pickup OTB

The Pickup OTB Alert shows up when we register an unusually large number of bookings on a day in the future. Here you have to pay attention and might want to adjust your rates. 


Alerting is an extra feature. If it has not been activated for you yet, feel free to contact your trusted sales person or our support to start the test period!


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